portrait challenge – 14

so, here is the final portrait of this challenge series, it is supposed to be “pretty woman” julia roberts… but i think, the likeness is not as strong as in the others, her smile is very difficult to sculpt, and well, judge yourself, can you recognise her, now that you know who i meant? (and, yes, this is a complete dynatoposculpt, and the hair is sculpted all around :-))



i made it! yippiee!!! it was hard at times, since every portrait is like a huge mountain in the beginning, and it needs quite some effort to get the first signs of likeness… then however it is a lot of fun, to try to make this glimpse of likeness stronger and stronger… i learned a lot, and am happy i reaaly made all seven 🙂

and, i wish to thank everybody who participated in my challenge, you helped so much 🙂 my special thanks go to aiblender (aka adventuresinblender), for he guessed every time, and almost always correct, no matter how rough the sculpt was 🙂 congratulations! … he has btw a great blog for all news about blender, so if you want to know what is going on in blender, visit his site.


4 thoughts on “portrait challenge – 14

    • thank you… yes i thought so, when you did not recognise her, since you have proven to have a very good eye for people. great skill, if you ever would do portraits yourself, you had a good headstart with that ability to recognize people so quickly from faint signs…

  1. Thanks for sharing all your sculpts. I am always looking forward to the next one. The likeness on all of them is really very good

    • thank you heike remy, i am glad you enjoy my work 🙂 …this challenge is over now, but sure my passion is portraits, and a lot mre will come. not celebrities so much, but all sorts of people …

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