portrait challenge – 06

so, again i have the joy to say that all guesses were right for this portrait … i had to show the first sketch without the hair, as otherwise the hair alone would have almost told who this is… so, number 3 in the challenge is finished, here is my portrait of albert einstein:


(please click the image to enlarge and see all the details well)


4 thoughts on “portrait challenge – 06

    • hehe, maybe it would have been difficult, as i sculpted the hair rather tidy … yes the jumper is sculpted: i tried for the first time the feature “stencil” in the brush settings. so yes it is quite a high poly mesh now. … and, thank you for the plug πŸ™‚

  1. I love the hair too, it’s the first thing that came to my mind to ask about it. The portrait is great. I would love to know how you sculpted the hair, it looks amazing.

    • oh, artos, the hair was actually easy here… i first sculpted the big form, i mean it is like a helmet in a way, is it not?, and when this was done, i used the claystrips brush (similar to zbrush claytubes) and made broad strokes to define the bigger hairmasses. then i wen over each of the hair masses with smaller strokes and broke it into smaller masses… this looked already good. then i took a final path and cleaned up edges, dfinined with the simple brush (like zbrush draw brush) individual strands,,,yes thats it,,,some patience is needed, and observation. but it is not hard.

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