working with planes-01

this is a study, following philippe farauts suggestion to study planes of the head to achieve likeness in portraits. i used the pictures from farauts first portrait book as reference, where he explains about this method. the goal with this exercise is, of course, to be able to achieve greater likeness in my portraits… so, this looks rather technical i am afraid …



3 thoughts on “working with planes-01

  1. I also closely follow & a great admirer of Philippe Faraut. Man his casts are just amazing for reference and the sculpts breathtaking. However, this sculpt is totally similar to the one you have referred from. It’s almost the same. I have been trying to make this, but still haven’t got enough time to squeeze this in, hopefully in future will do so. This is great practice.

    • hi artos, i do not have faurauts casts, but a book from him, and i follow on internet very closely everything he publishes. so much to learn from him. … yes this piece was good for understanding what we see in faces. it makes portraits a tad easier 🙂 …go for it, you will not regret.

      • Yeah, I don’t have casts too not even his book, I follow the same thing he have on his website like images and stuff. You did a great job on this one. I will try to get the book, certainly will help a lot..

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