memories: fiat 500 – 03

i think i have the big forms of the car nailed, and pretty smooth flowing curves as they should be… so, i started adding detail, and made a first test render… and, i see that glass lets look inside the car… lol …meaning i need to model the inside too …i had not considered that in the beginning,,lol… so here is how it looks now, the color is subject to change, i just wanted try to create a decent car shader…



3 thoughts on “memories: fiat 500 – 03

  1. Wow, this is already looking super good. Way better than anything I could ever model. How do you feel about hard surface modeling, since you sculpt a lot more? You seem to have the hang of it already πŸ™‚

    • ah, thank you, david! oh, you can do too! if you can model a little, and you can as i saw on your blog, you can do too, since all is need is patience to tweak a lot…
      hard surface modeling is much more technical, it takes out the creativity alot that i like when sculpting. on the otherhand, the accuracy you can achieve with modeling is amazing, and i am sure i have still lots of room to improve… so, my love will stay sculpting, but i feel its a good addition to know the secrets of modeling as well πŸ™‚

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