louvre sculpture

i forgot to post my final work on the weekend fun sculpture, since i did learn with it how to convert it from 1.5 mill polygons to about 30 000 and render about same… but, here is the original, pure dynatopo sculpt, 1.5 mill faces, enjoy!



2 thoughts on “louvre sculpture

  1. I’m loving all your sculptures – as usual. But this one especially. Great face + hair
    I’ve contacted you before, and with your tips i’ve been trying my hand at more sculptures from 123dcatch meshes
    I’ve setup a temp blog, and love you to comment on my WIP – perhaps give some more tips?

    I find doing the eyes and lips particularly difficult. Especially in getting the detail that you have
    Still learning – hope to get around your level sometime!

    • hi sanjay parekh, wow this is very nice to hear. so glad my little tips got you going. i will hop over to your blog, for sure!… about the tips, hmm so generally it is hard to say, eyes and mouth you say are difficult. yes, they are, because there are so many differernt ones. my best tip always is, choose a reference image, for an eye, for a mouth, best if you have several views of the same eye or mouth, and then try to replicate as best as you can what you see exactely… after a while, you will have a good feeling, which are the important details… for an eye, say, one of the things to get in is the little tearduct. it makes such a difference if it is in the sculpt! … also get the eyeball really round, start from a sphere, and then change that…
      oh, just keep going, that is all i do anyway, and you will improve to every height you wish to πŸ™‚
      thank you for your nice comment, and have fun on your sculpting journey!

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