amphitrite – 07 – final renders

i made it!! the stats for this piece are impressive: i had to join all the sculpts into one big mesh, that had then 25 million polygons, the vertex paint (for the aging effect) took blender 15 minutes to calculate, using 25 gigs of ram πŸ™‚ …lol… the renders were then rather quick, only 6 minutes each with all jingle bells turned on πŸ™‚ i love my new mac πŸ™‚

so, on with the show : (please click each image for enjoying full resolution)


amphitrite_17 amphitrite_18 amphitrite_19 amphitrite_20


5 thoughts on “amphitrite – 07 – final renders

    • πŸ™‚ thank you david! yes the marble shader is really beautiful, i think so myself πŸ™‚ ..i am glad i could pull this off, it was quite a big project, so glad you like it πŸ™‚

  1. Helou Doris πŸ™‚
    I love this sculpture and final render. Can You explain how achive this amazing shader and how to correct play with Dirt Vertex Paint? I try to get marble in my latest project but result is poor. You get perfect balance with geometry and material with this project. Everything is clear.

    ps.sorry for errors, english isn’t my native language 😦

    • hello, your english is just fine. english is not my native language either, but i can perfectly understand you…
      i do a new blog post to show the material set up, since i cannot attach images to comments. very important for marble is the lightning. if the ligthning is not good, the shader will look bad. marble needs strong back or at least side lightning.

      • Thanks for explanation πŸ™‚ I will follow your Sketchbook so remember post link to your new blog. On BA you have great collections of sculptures. Love to see how fast you make progress in sculpting.
        One more thanks for reply and sugestions I’ll experiment with light setup on my scene.
        Best regards

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