first test with new imac

this weekend i got my new imac 🙂 what a beasty machine! 🙂 it renders like hell, and eats polygons as breakfast, it seems … so my first test sculpt, pure dynatopo, 15 times as much polygons as i was able before, and the machine still does not complain 🙂 (please click for full resolution)

first_dyntoposculpt_imac_from fantasy_09_1


2 thoughts on “first test with new imac

  1. @Doris,
    First off congrats on new rig -n- eating polygons…
    The breakfast of champions (ô¿ô)
    Wow beautiful work on this piece (All your work is amazing)
    always a pleasure to be inspired by your keen eye for detail you put into each and every piece.
    Can’t wait to see more of your crazy skillz down the road.


    • thank you tung! yes i am really happy with this new machine. (… though i need teach it some manners…lol) … glad you enjoy this new sculpt, it was quite an experience for me, to be so free to create as it comes to mind, without constraints…

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