spartacus as marble bust

a friend suggested this,… rendered in cycles and post work in photoshop.


and the nodesetup for this marble for sanjay who requested it (please click for larger view)



4 thoughts on “spartacus as marble bust

  1. Hi
    These are great!
    I’m a relative newbieto Blender
    I’m trying to achieve a similar effect with my models – marble/stone or casted sculpture textures
    Is it possible for you to describe how you did this? Special textures and/or node setups?

    Thanks for any help and inspring work

    • hi sanjay, thanks for the nice words… this marble effect has a relatively simple node set up, i will add an image to the post to show it. you need a good marbletexture. cgtextures is a good source. and after rendering, i enhanced the effect with photoshop levels. getting those materials right is always a very difficult task. patience is your best friend… also, blender is now capable to render sss, so you can render much better marble effect now than in this example of mine.

      • Thank you very much for all your help – i’ve got much further now!
        I sourced my base mesh using thge 123dCatch app – do you know it? Its quite good, but its not got the same ‘sculptural’ style as your busts. Do you have any tips for using the various brushes to get to the high quality sculpt effect you achieved? I suspect you will say Practice, Practice, Practice – so any further direction you can give will be most warmly received
        Thank you – and still awe-inspired by your creations

  2. hi sanjay, that is great news. so glad it was helpful! … yes i have this app too, and i like it 🙂 … the brushes, i use mainly claystrip, crease and move. all in the standard settings, i vary only size (and sometimes strength). towards the end of sculpt i use the claybrush instead of claystrip brush… i do sculptures in real clay, and wood, too, so that experience i can bring into when sculpting in blender or zbrush. and, i do have a decent anatomy knowledge for the head. this helps too when working from reference fotos to understand how the forms are in 3d that i see flat on a foto…

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