aquatic creature – 5 – what a mess!

ok, i am fed up with blender for the moment… look at this

the multires modifier is buggy. in the left hand side you see the multires level 1, i flipped the highlighted polygons, as their normals were pointing in the wrong direction. then i switched back to sculpting, only to find the mess you see on the right … ok, i thought, i will walk through the multires levels and clean up… however, whatever i did in one level, created now an even bigger mess in an another…
also the idea of using just the lowest level, create a new multires and project the good parts back on this did not work either, since the projection in blender is buggy too, it works only with relatively simple shapes… the mesh is no longer usuable in blender… rats… it took me quite some time to make it usuable in zbrush, using the many backups i save all the time …

and, this bug is not the only one…grrr… a very annoying “feature” of blender is that sometimes (quite often actually) blender does not take anymore keyboard inputs. blender is not crashed, everything still works with pulldown menus. but, of course, this way you cannot work properly in blender which is designed for working with lots of keyboard shortcuts, quite different than zbrush… the only way out of this i found, is to save via pulldownmenus, quit, and restart. most of the times then blender is working again, but not always, and i have to repeat the save, quit procedure … and, this is not only with highpolygon models, it happens with a scene that contains nothing else than the cube, too, very often(!)… so, for now, i am too annoyed with blender, these bugs eat all my precious time, only by trying to circumvent them or by cleaning up the mess they left…. i am back to zbrush, and will use blender only for rendering with cycles…

it is actually very sad, since if blender were working more reliable, it were the best software to have besides zbrush, as it offers the funcionality zbrush does not have, and is besides the bugs a very matured 3d-application … sigh


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