ines – final render

tonight i had time to finish this portrait project… accessories are modeled in blender, rendered in cycles, postwork in photoshop…


3 thoughts on “ines – final render

  1. I really like your work and you amazing sculpts but I don’t know if it’s just me but it seems like this man has a little too much wrinkles. I don’t know, maybe with some SSS it could soften it up but that’s just my opinion, other than that this sculpt looks great!

  2. david, yes you are the first to say “too much wrinkles” … i thought about your comment, as it contains valuable critique for me, that lets me improve:
    this portrait is an actual portrait of a very old lady, and yes she has so much wrinkles, actually even more than i sculpted. BUT, now from your comment, and looking again at my sculpt, i realise that i did model the wrinkles too harsh. i think, that let you suggest the sss shader, as it usually “blurs” and thus takes harshness off the forms…
    so, i want to thank you for your honest critique, it has helped me to see a mistake, and so your comment helped me to learn to not make this mistake again. thank you very much, david. i appreciate your comment highly.

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