cyclops – finished

yes, so here he is… final render in cycles, and some postwork in photoshop… hope you enjoy this one…


4 thoughts on “cyclops – finished

  1. Pretty cool sculpt and render! How did you do the furry clothes or whatever if this was with Cycles? Or did you render it in Blender Internal and composite it over? Either way , still really cool!

    • thanks david 🙂 … yes everything is rendered in cycles. the furry clothes are two meshes, one which gives the general shapes, and the second on top of that is a fibremesh created in zbrush. this is similar to the hairparticles in blender. however, zbrush lets you create the fibres as very thin polygonal tubes (though zbrush complains when you activate that feature, but it does the tubes if you insist and ignore the complaint). so that fur is a highpoly mesh actually. and, cycles knows how to render meshes, no matter how small and how many tubes are there 🙂 … thanks for commenting, i am glad you like the cyclops… 🙂

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