anatomical studies – 01

as i feeled my study of the anatomy of head was quite successful, i want extend it to the body. so, my plan is to do a series of anatomical studies, each time only a part of the body, to learn how the shapes are, and each time “only” a sketch to concentrate on the anatomy, rather than modeling “pretty” (for the latter is comparedly easy) …
starting this series today, i first tried a method i have seen used at zbc with great success, (and his work inspired me to try also :-)) namely starting from the 8 head zsphere mannequin, and turn that into a dynamesh… while i see it can be very useful, to create a good pose right from the beginning, i soon noticed that is too difficult for a start on study anatomy… so, then i began from a dynamesh sphere, and roughed out the shape… (left the one that started from the mannequin)

and after a break i refined the shapes…

yes, it is not too nice, but it is a start 😉 i hope to improve upon it 🙂


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