orc – 3

this is just to highlight a technical aspect in zbrush, inspired by the comment of nathan to my last post…

the image shows, left the original highpoly dynamesh. next to it, the redynameshed with slider set to 32. it looses a lot of the secondary shapes, though the primary shapes stay intact. next to it, is a redynameshed at 32 with the project button pressed. we see much more of the secondary shapes preserved, as ribcage, mouth shape, frown, etc… the next is made as i described in previous post, with a copy of the original to project on. that is very similar, if not same, to the previous version.
so it seems the result is : press “project” button when dynameshing to lower resolution if you want preserve as much as possible. doing a clone to project on does not seem to give extra benefit…


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