young man – 2

today i made the basemeshes for the clothes. i really like the procedure i have developped already with the duke project : namely doing first a rough sculpt from a dynamesh sphere as standin for the body. then i use the retopo tool in zbrush to retopologize the part that is for the tshirt, say. then, i change the dynamesh sphere to give me the rough shape of the shirt. then i do another retopo over this changed dynamesh to obtain the basemesh for the shirt. and, once again i change the dynamesh to give the basic shape of the neckerchief. just the volumes, no detail. for this i made the retopo very carefully to get the topology flow with the folds. now, i can delete the standin dynamesh, and refine the basemeshes for the clothes. main point was pushing and pulling the vertices to avoid that the tshirt peaks through the shirt, or the neckerchief lies nicely between neck and shirt etc…

now i have basemeshes with very clean topology, which i can subdivide and easily refine and detail where necessary…

and, a side note : i wrote yesterday about the subtle sss effect for the skin material of the young man… boy, was i surprised to see the posted image on my ipad : he is quite red on the ipad screen, whereas on my airbook he looks pale like redheads typically are, with a hint of reds where the sss effect is… well, i don’t know for now, how i can judge which is the way most people would see the images… really need find out


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