young man – revisited – 1

after the skintest yesterday, i was so very motivated to finish now finally my young man project… so, i dusted the model off, added some more subdivisions and refined the face. then painted a skin texture and applied the material i made yesterday. it needed some tweaking to fit a young man, but it looks nice, i think : (material in blender, rendered in cycles)

then, i added another layer into the material to create an sss effect. it is subtle, but adds to realism. after that i made his hair. fun πŸ™‚ ,,,i found that one can cut the fibres in zbrush with the clipping brushes : it has to be done in several steps, as the first cut makes a mess at the end of the fibres, but then combing it out and cut again, and repeat if necessary, finally makes a clean cut. this way, i was able to shape the hair like a coiffeur would do πŸ™‚

material creation in blender with the node system, combined with the great render engine cycles is so exciting, i love that i finally have a tool at hand which gives predictable results. material and rendering in zbrush with the hundreds of sliders never could do that for me… zbrush however is the greatest software for modeling intuitively πŸ™‚


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