duke – 2

today, i worked on his clothes. first i made a rough stand-in for his upperbody from a dynamesh sphere. nothing fancy, just to have the proper volumes. i also added a tubular shape around his neck. using these i was able to easily retopo over that to get the collar which is bend at the top, and made the drapery from a plane tool at very low resolution. so, somewhat unusual, i used the retopo tool to define new meshes for clothes easily. i like this approach 🙂

then i made another retopo on top of these to define the jacket. i exported this basic jacket mesh to blender to easily extrude the borders to give the jacket some thickness, and reimported that to zbrush for further editing

so, essentially the basemeshes are done. this time i tried to make sure the basemeshes have polygons of the same size about, to avoid problems when texturing. the whole meshes alltogether are pretty lowpoly, less than 9500 polygons all together…


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