portrait study – 5 (finished)

so here he is, … my attempt was to create a realistic render, and i wanted to do it as pixolator has shown in his movie… the latter, i was not able to, so i used the “traditional” method, and rendered out many layers, and composed them in photoshop…


2 thoughts on “portrait study – 5 (finished)

  1. That’s great Doris! Not your typical ZBrush scuplt…loads of character. I especially like the hair and eyebrows…how’d you get it to look so wispy and actually hairlike in ZBrush…that’s not easy.


    • hello paul, thanks for your nice words… the hair and eyebrows is polypainted in zbrush, and then after i composed the render passes in photoshop, i added a few brush strokes on the hair in photoshop, to give the impression that actually hairs are “flying” loosely, for example at his backhead, you see a few brush strokes i did that show the hair is not only the polypainted texture. this very few strokes give the wispy look…

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