ligthning challenge – 1

i decided to start a personal challenge to learn lightning in zbrush. today, i took my model of carmen, and tried to create a classical portrait foto look… the first is very low key

i was thinking of adding a rimlight to the left, but in the moment i have not yet figured out how, or where, to place a rim light in zbrush, that does not create lights on the other side of the model where it actually could not reach… this very same problem shows in the image : on the left side, to my understanding, the whole left side would be black in such a lightning situation, however, zbrush is lighning some of the hairstrands, and even her right earlobe. that is behind her cheek when looking from the lightsposition… i think, this odd behaviour is what confuses me most…

the second is still lowkey, but shows more of the face. i kind of like that, but there is still room for improvement…


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