ogre – revisited

i am trying to understand the lightning system in zbrush, so i decided to use the ogre i did quite some time ago, and try to get a better render… here is the result from todays effort, bpr rendered and then bpr filters… it seems be better than the original, but still hmmmmm…


3 thoughts on “ogre – revisited

  1. lighting in zbrush is the most frustrating thing in the world to me. the one major thing i did discover which you may or may not know already is that the lights in a scene do nothing if you are using a matcap. i love everything else about the software except for the lighting

    • yes, frustration is my feeling with lightning in zbrush too. however, as i can see at zbc that it is possible to master the lightning system in zbrush as there are amazing results, i wish to learn it too. ,,, yes, the matcap thing puzzled me too for quite a while, and i avoid them now. … and, what i find irritating right now is the setting “ambient” in the materials. if it is not zero, the scene is lit even when all lights are off and the ambient in the light palette is zero.??? whhat is the logic there ?? but, i will struggle through, maybe that will become my challenge. i will share what i learn on the way, if i can put it in words that is… thanks for sharing your experience.

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