a creature for liam – 6

i think, we start getting somewhere πŸ™‚ … again, had only a short amount of time, but did use it to work on the hands/talons. still rough, but i believe it starts to show what i want to create … lol…

oh, btw, i had some weird dynamesh today, left side is before, right side after applying dynamsh :-(, seems to be a bug ??? luckyly, i was able rescue the model… (click image to enlarge)


5 thoughts on “a creature for liam – 6

  1. i have the same problem with my model. everthing over a certain resolution destroys the mesh.
    Any Idea why this happends?

    • hi emanuel. no, i don’t know why it happened. i had it only once in this mesh. i doubt it was the resolution in my case, since i have sculpted meshes with much higher resolution. ..to rescue your mesh, you can try to zremesh it, then check that there are no internal vertices and edges (if so, delete them, these are very problematic for zbrush always) and then it should work again.

  2. thx 4 your reply. what i meant by resolution, is the one you can adjust in dynamesh.
    In my case everything below 2000 is fine, everything above puts all the vertices in a strange order. I really need to know why this is happening ^^

    • ok, i misunderstood… but now i just tried again, sculpted a sphere in dynamesh mode a few minutes, made some long and thin pulluts with the movebrush, and then using dynamesh with the max of 4096. i had to wait a little for the dynameshing, but it came out perfect…. i am using z4r7 now, when i had this mistake it was an earlier version of zbrush.
      do you have the error with every mesh, even when starting from a standard shpere? if not, the culprit might be the mesh itself, that it contains something zbrush does not like. you know, zbrush is picky sometimes when it goes to clean topology..

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