a creature for liam – 5

i did not have much time, but i tried to sketch at least the basic shape of the talons/hands… i know, for now it looks super ugly, it is meant only to get the start… but liam, can you imagine these become fingers like spy…yds have ? … i am not so sure 8 fingers will do a nice design, i will try, but then, we can’t help it, spy…yds happen to have 8 fingers, so we need to get them in there… weekend will be more time, and, if all goes nice, i plan to finish the model on weekend,,, for now just a quicky post from today…


2 thoughts on “a creature for liam – 5

  1. If you spread the fingers out slightly more, yes, I think they would be good for the Spy…yds. I like how it looks so far. If you don’t want to do the eight fingers, you could take it down to four.

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