a creature for liam – 4

ok, i took a step back, to be able to move forward… meaning, i removed the pose and tree for now, to concentrate on the creature… i made teeth and tongue, non-carnivore teeth as requested πŸ˜‰ (but hard to see on this pic)… liam, i hope you like the start of the fingers, i tried to make them as you described. please note however, that these are still rough, and will be refined,,, but it would be nice to know if these go the direction you were thinking ? … also, worked more on the muscles, i think his back is nice now (needs cleanup, but i think it is essentially what i imagined) … i will remember sycamore, if i choose to put it into en environment, liam…


2 thoughts on “a creature for liam – 4

  1. Okay, a bit of an interruption: the opposable thumbs are to be on opposite sides, as you would see in an owl, eagle, or other bird (for gripping branches…!). Hey, actually, just make four thumbs like you have there… See if you can make it like a bird’s talon, with twice as many digits. Slightly easier, you might agree.

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