a creature for liam – 3

i have chosen a rough pose, the zsphere construction will become a tree, or rather the part of it we will see in the final image, the thing he is looking at, could become a fantasy flower, or some fantasy fruit he wants to pick … is this how you would imagine a spy…yd will move through a tree, liam ?


One thought on “a creature for liam – 3

  1. I was actually thinking it would move under the branches more than over them, but this position is good. He uses his tail sort of as a springboard when over branches, and as a swing when under them. If you’re going into any detail whatsoever in the tree, make it a sycamore. It’s the Spy…yds favorite tree, because of the y. Yeah… But of course, the tree doesn’t matter, just the creature. Thanks again for doing this! Another note: these things are only about two feet long from head through torso (not including tail). I’m not quite sure about fur or anything…

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