dog creature

some doodling in zbrush, followed from a test to find an interesting light, ,, this is just one of the images i created,,


11 thoughts on “dog creature

    • hi liam,,, what do you mean by “do a model for me ?” are you asking to hire me ? do you want a picture of a model i create like you see here on the blog, or are you asking for the model actually to use it somewhere, say in an gameengine ? i am sorry, i have no idea what your request means. can you please explain a little more ?…

      • Sure. I like what you can do on this zbrush program, and I wanted to see how something would look. I wouldn’t be able to pay you, unfortunately (for you). I would give you a description for a picture, like this dog creature model. I might use the finished result somewhere else. Is that okay? If not, I don’t mind.

  1. ok, liam, i see. … you want me to create something for you for free, where other people get lots of money for… lol… ok, lets hear your idea, ,,, in case i like it, and it seems fun to create, i will consider modeling it. you would see it on my blog, but i dont want you to use it elsewhere. in case it does not promise fun for me, i will not create it. … so, lets hear what you have in mind.

    • You don’t have to do it. If you still wanted to, here’s the description: It’s vaguely humanoid, with no legs. Arms as long as torso, with extremely flexible tail without tufts or anything. It’s completely green, with yellow eyes. I was thinking the face would be something like this dog creature’s head. Like I said, you don’t have to do it.

      • hey liam,,, your description made me think… how is the creature getting his food without legs ? is it moving like a snake ? from the color green i suppose it lives in trees, or maybe a swamp, but not in water , am i right ? is the creature from a story you wrote ? just curious … your description gives me an idea, maybe i try it…

  2. do you like to share the story ? … that is very good, like i imagined from the anatomy. ,,, so i decided to try to sculpt it, it seems like fun πŸ™‚ … as always, i will post progress pics, so, watch out for posts,,, it will take some days, as i have some nice ideas what i want create (and following your description) and, unfortnuately, only short time each day to play with zbrush…

    • The story is being (slowly) posted on another of my blogs, the address of which is included below. The part with these particular creatures has yet to appear, though I’ve written it already. By the way, these things are also herbivorous, so no canine teeth are present. Thanks for doing this! These creatures are called Spy…yds. The reason for the … is because there are too many y’s in the name to write down every time. It’s a little joke on fantasy writing on my part.

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