stuart – 2

as mentioned in the last post, i needed to recreate the topology of the mesh, to get a better polygon distribution… ah, and that is such a boring task i tried to find a work around. here is what i did, most probably not new but i have not seen it yet…

i took a basemesh with good topology, left hand side (someone at zbc shared it unfortunuately i forgot the name of that person), and appended that as a subtool to my mesh with the bad topology, middle of image. in transparent mode i pushed quickly the ploygons of the nice mesh so that the big shapes are close to my sculpt, and then i projected the geometry onto the good mesh :-), right hand side …

it was not completely perfect, there were some spikes at the mouth area from the projection, but this little mess was easy to clean up… so for a 2 minutes job it worked more than well 🙂

the good thing was, as you can see, i got ears and some polygons for the chestarea too, which i missed because lack of planning the project. so, really happy with how i rescued this 🙂

and, then, i posed the mesh, and worked some more, what was now going smooth thanks to the good topology…


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