to push my modeling, and texturing skills towards a new level, i decided to begin a speedsculpting series. i will use art works from my favourite artists, and model parts of it as speedsculpt in zbrush. i give me 2 hours for each, in this timeframe. i want model and texture, and come as close to the original as possible. i give me furhter 15 minutes for lightning, rendering, and then compositing in photoshop. after that it is to stop, no matter what all needs to improve… i believe this way i can learn to work efficiently, to train my eye for proportion, learn better how artists painted or sculpted their subject, and hopefully a lot more i am not aware of.

this night i started the first section, its judith of the painting “judith and holofernes” by caravaggio. this is the model after 1 hour 15 minutes

and this after further 45 minutes… (i like the unpainted version better)


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