philiippe fauraut study

when watching the clay sculpting videos phillippe faraut has posted at youtube, i noticed that in each of these great videos, fauraut has a very definite “path” he goes in his sculptures. even in the latest one about geometric construction that looks somewhat different. the remarkable thing is, that his way is to create very early on the big foundations, not caring too much about cleaning up. he does this later on… and, as i admire his clay portraits and sculptures, i thought i base my next study on his videos. so, my goal is, to try to mimic his way of sculpting right in zbrush, and see where it brings me. i also use as reference one female he modeled in one of the videos,… this is my first nights result of study

the second image somewhat later,,,i am worried that she changed so much, this is never happening when faraut sculpts. he nails down things, and they stay solid whatever he adds later…that is actually the part of his way of sculpting that attracts me most…


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