a new adventure

welcome to my zbrush sketchbook. i am excited to get this blog started. the idea is to collect in a “diary” style the works i made in zbrush to, hopefully, see after a while improvement… my main interests are portraits, creating characters, and sometimes funny creatures …

my intention with zbrush is somewhat unusual, i want use it as a tool in my woodcarving projects. a tool for designing, and a tool for taking measurements for the actual carving… if you like to see my woodcarvings, please visit my homepage. if you are interested in learning how these carvings are made, please visit my woodcarving blog.

to start this blog, i begin with an abstract image, that was fun and a real quickie …


6 thoughts on “a new adventure

  1. My sister was the artist in the family. I admire artist in all their forms of expressions. Once it got past stick drawings in my elementary school days, my abilities never develop to the point of looking realistic. Even chain saw art. How one can handle a chainsaw and create a life-like image just blows my mind.

    • wow, thank you for your kind words. i am really glad you enjoy what you see on my blog… yes woodcarving has its own diffuculties, there is no undo button πŸ™‚ but, i do not carve with a chain saw, just with usual gauges, since i am not strong enough to handle a heavy chainsaw… thanks for your comment, it is wonderful to learn when a reader appreciates what is presented.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog, Doris. I had no idea what zbrush was, I had to look it up. Wow! What an amazing tool! I visited your woodworking blog as well, and your work is exquisite. I loved the large tree piece. Keep on posting your progress with the zbrush, it’s really cool to see the progress.

    • and thank you for visitng mine, karen! i was drawn to the beautiful lightplay you painted shown on the overview page, so i had to go and look at it :-)… yes, i will post more, maybe one day you try it too, its a tool for an artist, so many possibilties what you can do with it… and, painting, you can do with it…

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